Shared responsability

In the recent years, the demand for farm products has increased significantly. Consumers are increasingly asking themselves the question: where does the food they consume come from and how is it grown. For the consumer, the consumption of fresh, seasonal and healthy farm food is the direct benefit of farming. But farming is economically justified when the farmer can produce at a fair price. Consumers and the farmer are in a mutual relationship that benefits each of them, but they also share the risk of producing farm products.

Buying healthy farm food at a fair price we call Shared Responsibility.

We divided the Shared Responsibility into 4 levels.



When choosing a Family basket, you are directly involved in the 3rd level of Shared Responsibility. This makes it easier for the farmer to sell the maximum amount of seasonal and available products without wasting production.

When choosing a long-term subscription and delivery to a point, you are most involved in the farmer's efforts and share the risks and benefits of farming, because a long-term subscription allows the farmer to plan production to the maximum, and delivery to the point helps save time for good farming practices. In this way you will be briefly part of the farming methods, of the farmer's efforts, of the connection with nature - i.e. you will be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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