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"Modernization of bio farm Versol"

What prompted us to think about expanding agricultural production is the gratitude in the eyes of our customers - friends. This inner satisfaction raised the question, "How do we reach more people?"

At this point, in 2014, the idea of ​​modernizing our farm arose. A year later, we found ourselves at the center of the priority activities which the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 suppots. We gathered a team of designers and consultants and applied consecutively with three projects, named "Modernization of bio farm "Versol". We signed a contract  and step by step we started the implementation activities:

⇒ Construction of 13 pcs. tunnel greenhouses

⇒ Construction of a service building with an area of ​​651.7 m2

⇒ Construction of an autonomous photovoltaic installation for the needs of the farm

⇒ Construction of water tanks

⇒ Construction of solar collectors for heating water for irrigation

⇒ Specialized agricultural software for management and planning of production processes, human resources 

⇒ Water box: Groasis waterboxx, to save water for irrigation 

⇒ Agricultural machinery

Below is how we expect these investments to achieve the goals:

  • Energy independence - the planned photovoltaic installation will meet the needs of the farm for electricity. The thermal installation will irrigate the plants with flooded water in order to reduce the stress of irrigation with cold water, especially in winter. A water-to-water heat pump is provided for heating the farm
  • Saving natural resources - collecting rainwater for irrigation needs from the slopes of the greenhouses and the building. Use of Water box Groasis waterboxx, where irrigation rates are reduced by up to 70%
  • Environmental protection - using own energy from renewable energy sources will save a large amount of carbon emissions compared to energy from conventional sources. Use rainwater instead of groundwater or surface water. Sustainable and responsible agriculture that preserves and enriches the soil
  • Implementation of innovative technologies - we consider the whole process as an innovative approach to growing organic products
  • Preservation and increase of soil vital activity in all its forms - increase of soil microbiological and mycorrhizal life by increasing the humus layer of the soil and composting. Practicing biodynamic agriculture
  • Positive socio - economic effect - opening new jobs for local residents and raising the local standard of living
  • Facilitating access to Live food - increasing the production capacity of organically certified fruits and vegetables
  • Improving working conditions - reducing the manual labor and facilitating the production process, construction of specialized facilities for packaging, measuring and labeling products, facilities for staff

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