The water is life 

Water is a major component of the  Earth, and without it, life on Earth is impossible. It has been proven many times that water has a memory. This is due to the crystal lattice, which water acquires when it is exposed to external beneficial effects - through crystals, magnets, music or even human speech. This process is called structuring - water receives the energy - information flow of the impact or of the environment and memorizes it.

By irrigation, spraying with a structured water solution, this information is transmitted to the plants, which in turn represent 80 - 90% also water. Charged water has a positive effect on plants in all phases of growth,  formation, flowering, fruiting, much easier to absorb from the root, leaves and stems of the plant. It has a beneficial effect. In most of the biodynamic preparations,  the water makes the connection between the farmerand the plant, so the process of dynamization of the preparations is extremely important.

In recent years, there has been a huge amount of research in this area, recently Swiss scientists using the crystallization method proved that the transfer of energy - information flow takes place even through the walls of a test tube, without direct contact between the working solutions.

Water has a memory and this memory is transfered to the plants.

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