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From a simple idea...

Versol is a certified bio farm, established since 2012.

The farm is located in northwestern Bulgaria, in the northern foothills of the Balkan Mountains in the village of Lik, Mezdra municipality, at 400 meters above sea level. Due to the rugged terrain and sparsely fertile gray forest soils, much of the land is desolate and uncultivated. Fortunately, the lack of large fields and terrain, somewhat limit the entry of mass traditional agriculture, and thus the gradual contamination of soils with nitrates and artificial preparations – a perfect place to establish our bio farm.

The farm is located in the Koykina Bara area on a slight northern slope split by several ravines, which provide spring water for irrigation needs. Before being cultivated, the land was desolate arable land, meadows and fallow land, uncultivated for the last ten years, which perfectly suited our desire for bio farming. Moreover, there are no large agricultural blocks  the treatment of which could directly or indirectly harm our farm.

Farmer" s family and people from the region work inthe farm with great desire and care. We grow different types of seasonal fruits and vegetables, various varieties, all grown with a lot of love and care.

The farm has:

  • 14 ha of bio certified land
  • 2 ha of mixed orchard - apples, cherries, pears, plums, quinces
  • 2 ha of vegetables - outdoor production
  • agricultural machinery
  • refrigerated delivery van

To a dream come true ...

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